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[phm@ffii.org: EU Software Patent Events 2003/06-7]


Attached you'll find The EU software patent event calendar.

If you wan't know what all this about, please read this:

Please considering joining the JURI committee vote event and discussions
on June 17: http://swpat.ffii.org/termine/2003/europarl/06/17/

Please also take some time and write to some (or many) European
Parlement members. Browse this site to get their contact details:

Your voice matters (even if they don't reply), don't expect others
to speak up for you and defend our freedom.

The most important aspect IMO, is to make clear to EP's that 
'law harmonization' for software patents isn't wanted if this
means that software patenting will now be allowed in the EU.

If the pro-software-patent-lobby gets their will, the software industry
will be the only sector where there is a double legal restraint in
the form of both copyright and patent law (excluding trademark law).

I think we should should aim at achieving that the EU directive
will simply clarify current patent law again by saying:
'Software patents are not allowed in the EU', followed by a clear
definition of terms which describe what software and algorithms are.
Attention also needs to be given to the already granted software
patents (by the national patent offices) ofcourse.

On my website frontpage (http://debianlinux.net) I've written my
views on the EU software patent issues.


Jama Poulsen
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Dear FFII/Eurolinux Supporter[1]!

We need your presence at some of our next

    Meetings at the European Parliament in Strasburg

    tue/wed June 10.-11.

    tue/wed June 17.-18.

    tue/wed June 24.-25.

    tue/wed July 1.-2.

Please register through the

    FFII Participation System

    menu item: participate in events

By registering a few days in advance you will be sure to have
a free bed in a double room.

Even if you want to come to tomorrow's event, we can still get you a
bed. But in that case please write directly to buero@ffii.org beside
registering through the menu.

Please also go to the "My MEPs" menu item and try to contact some MEPs
or their assistants.  Preferably you should tell your MEP that you are
coming with a delegation of experts and SME representatives around one
of the weekly events listed above.

You can even make an appointment for the delegation if you do not plan
to come yourself.  If you can't get an appointment time within the
indicated timeframe, make one for our permanent Brussels representative

   Erik Josefsson <erikjosefsson@telia.com>

and confirm with him.  Erik is in the Parliament every day and will
most likely be able to attend the date which your MEP proposes.
Moreover, he is well informed about the issues and able to give
helpful explanations to interested MEPs.

You can get in contact with other possible delegation members through

           EU event preparation mailing list 

More hints on how you can help can be found in various languages at


as well as on the meeting pages, which you suggest you might look at
once in a while, as they evolve. 

Thank you very much for your patience and your support! 

Hartmut Pilch, FFII & Eurolinux Alliance              tel. +49-89-12789608   
Protecting Innovation against Patent Inflation	     http://swpat.ffii.org/
148,000 signatures against software patents          http://noepatents.org/


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