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Re: LinuxTag - 2003

* Andreas Mueller <amu@tr.debian.net> [030602 19:04]:

> > > Booth Personal wear a free debian-shirt with a name plate, 
> > > somebody is 
> > > able to print them ? 
> ... the name plate :)  

Did I understand your "plate" right? You want hardcoded, metallish

That would be quite cool, but some kind of inflexible, since metal
plates doesn't fit very well in most printers ;)

If it would be a sufficient solution to use Name tags printed on paper,
I'll look at our "dungeons" at the uni, there should be enought plastic
shields for name tags for all of us, but I can't print coloured name

> > Anybody startet to think for a nice T-Shirt design, or are we going 
> > to sell "old" shirts? 
> Its a embroidered one ....  

Wow, embroidered? I take one.


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