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Re: [presse] Re: Debian @ LSM

Le jeu 22/05/2003 à 14:24, Martin Schulze a écrit :
> Ludovic Pénet wrote:
> > > If I look at the schedule I do not find any concrete facts and thus I wonder
> > > whether they should try to shift the date to some date which does not conflict
> > > with LinuxTag.
> > ???
> >  
> > http://rencontresmondiales.org/program/
> > http://rencontresmondiales.org/program/calendrier.html
> > 
> > This is not concrete? ;-)
> I do miss titles and speakers.  Maybe Andreas is used to know what to
> listen to before actually deciding to attend.

For some topics, there is a link to the pre-program. It is not always
up-to-date but it exists. If you tell me that a serious conference
should have its program fixed at this time from this opening, I could
only agree with you. It has never be the case with the LSM and it is,
definitely, not a good thing.

So, what I can advise is to directly contact the chairs of the topics
for which a pre-program is not available and ask them who will be there.

Be aware that some topics are still under heavy construction. The most
advanced one is the "security topic", whose pre-program is

Be also aware that topics are still being created. There is a
"networking" topic that I did not yet referenced on the program page.

Hope this helps!

With kind regards,


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