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Re: [presse] Re: Debian @ LSM

> > >     b) finding the same date as LinuxTag
> > LinuxTag and LSM do not have the same public.
> If you ask me I would have joined LSM to meet developers of free medical
> software instead of just reporting about free medical software on LinuxTag.
> You are right - the events are quite different but former LSM - LinuxTag
> conflicting dates showed that many people are interested in BOTH events.
> At least you can find a certain amount of people her on this list.
The events are very close - 260 km. We can pay your extra cost for
coming throught Metz in addition to LinuxTag.

> > This is not concrete? ;-)
> Hmmm, well, I'm happy that you appended the smiley so I do not have to quote
> the huge concrete contents of this page.

> In fact I looking for the medical track if it might be worth changing my
> plans ...
M. Pruna is the head of this track and I am sure that he will be pleased
to inform you.

Kind regards,


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