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Re: [presse] Re: Debian @ LSM

On 22 May 2003, Ludovic [ISO-8859-1] Pénet wrote:

> >     a) not announcing it (at least not enough - see below)
> It was announced in France.
The emphasis was on "not enough" - at least if you want to reach an
international public your statement underlines what I said.

> >     b) finding the same date as LinuxTag
> LinuxTag and LSM do not have the same public.
If you ask me I would have joined LSM to meet developers of free medical
software instead of just reporting about free medical software on LinuxTag.
You are right - the events are quite different but former LSM - LinuxTag
conflicting dates showed that many people are interested in BOTH events.
At least you can find a certain amount of people her on this list.

> Yes, and it was true. In march, things changed and it became possible to
> organise the LSM in Metz.
Which is great and I'm happy about it.  You would have at least one partipiciant
more if I would have known this in March.

> > They did put a hint on their web page about a changed location.  I have to
> > admit that I have heard about "some kind of event in Metz" but no words
> > about the continuation of LSM tradition.
> Well, on http://lsm.abul.org/home.php3?langnew=en is written "LSM 2003
> will be held in Metz".
OK - I just take back my words - I was looking for this infromation in
January and February - just before I applied for a talk at LinuxTag.

> > The fact that they just choose the same date as LinuxTag now disables me to
> > join even if I would really like to take part in LSM. :-(((
> Reality is cruel. ;-) For a lot of reasons, we had the choice between:
> no LSM and LSM at the same date than LinuxTag. As the public of the two
> meetings is not the same, I have little problem with this conflict.
IMHO this is wrong but anyway I wish you the best success with your conference
and hope to meet you at LSM 2004 wherever it will take place.

> > If I look at the schedule I do not find any concrete facts and thus I wonder
> > whether they should try to shift the date to some date which does not conflict
> > with LinuxTag.
> ???
> http://rencontresmondiales.org/program/
> http://rencontresmondiales.org/program/calendrier.html
> This is not concrete? ;-)
Hmmm, well, I'm happy that you appended the smiley so I do not have to quote
the huge concrete contents of this page.

In fact I looking for the medical track if it might be worth changing my
plans ...

Kind regards


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