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Re: LinuxTag Presence

Ok, after reading the rest of the mail:

begin  quotation  from Martin Schulze (in <[🔎] 20030409102643.GA6592@finlandia.infodrom.north.de>):
> Who would like to work on a debconf aka Debian Day?

If there are things I can help with while in KA I am willing to help out
with everything I can do.

> Who wants to staff the booth?

5 people. Ok, if more are needed I will help. Else I will just hang
around at LT as usual ;-)

> Who wants to contribute with machines?

I do not have a car and I am in Munich. If transportation can be ensured
and given time to ask, I should be able to provide (only things not on
the list yet are listed, other things may be possible):

Sparcs with debian
network hardware (incl wireless)
TFTs (to make more space on the tables, and only if they are not left
  standing around... ;-)

Is anything else needed?

Can I help in any other way?


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