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Re: LinuxTag Presence

Hi folks, 

i plan to be at LT for all the days. I should be available for the booth
mostly all the time, maybe I have to spent some time for the selflinux
booth. Would i could take with me:

- my Laptop (ASUS L3800C PIV 1800M) 
- external Harddisk (160 Gig) with a full mirror (i386) for woody and
sid (if other software wished, just tell me)
if needed:

Some network equipment like Hub, Cables, Network Cards. Since i arrive
with train my place i limited to my bags. If someone is arriving from
Wilhelmshaven or somewhere near by that, he should tell me. 

Normaly i wanted to get some demos especially for childs running, but
with the new "Jugendschutzgesetz" I'm not sure if this is possible. 
Is it possible to get a "official" Statement for not getting into
trouble on the LT?

hope to see you alle at "Linuxtag" 

Alexander "formorer" Wirt       KeyID: BC7D020A
EMail: formorer@formorer.de     ICQ: 28651245
WWW: http://www.formorer.de
Encrypted and Signed Email preferred.

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