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Re: [Peter.Schmitz@heise.de: Re: Freie Linux-Distributionen und das neues JuSchG (was: Gesetzestuecken)]

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

> grep-available on it:
> alfie@minos:~$ for i in $(cat 1_NONUS.packages_v4); do \
>    grep-available -FPackage -sPackage,Section -X $i; echo; done \
>    | grep-dctrl -FSection -sPackage games | cut -d' ' -f2
> [snipped]
> animals, gnome-card-games, gnome-games-locale, gnome-gnomine, koules,
> mirrormagic, nettoe, pysol, tipptrainer*, tuxtype, typspeed, xblast,
I'm the maintainer of tipptrainer.  It is in fact no game but just
educational software.  Unfortunately Debian is missing an apropriate
section.  I would definitely vote for a policy change to add a section
which should be^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hhas to be created.

I guess to tuxtype and some other packages might apply the same.

> xgalaga, xletters and zivot.  There might be some additionally in wrong
> sections, though.

>  No.  We should pay 1000EUR that we get legitimation to provide games on
> a CD that we are allowed to hand people _younger than 18_.  You don't
> have to pay anything if you only hand those CDs to people that are 18 or
> older.  While the law might be a good idea by itself there must be found
> a way provided for producers of free games that are not that expensive.
> It can't be that people have to pay for things they don't sell to be
> allowed to distribute them.
It would be crazy if we would be able to move non-US to official Debian
distribution and have to create a non-CHILDS instead because of stupid
German laws.

Kind regards


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John F. Kennedy

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