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Re: [Peter.Schmitz@heise.de: Re: Freie Linux-Distributionen und das neues JuSchG (was: Gesetzestuecken)]

* Sven Hoexter <sven@timegate.de> [2003-04-15 17:30]:
> Looks like we have to dump the games.
> We have the following games (or packages relatet with games) on the CD ATM:
> I hope this list is complete. Please double check! The whole package list
> is here: ftp://hxt.homelinux.org/1_NONUS.packages_v4

 xblast is missing.  It would be easiest to take the list, do some
grep-available on it:
alfie@minos:~$ for i in $(cat 1_NONUS.packages_v4); do \
   grep-available -FPackage -sPackage,Section -X $i; echo; done \
   | grep-dctrl -FSection -sPackage games | cut -d' ' -f2

 A diff from your list and this one revealed the following additional

animals, gnome-card-games, gnome-games-locale, gnome-gnomine, koules,
mirrormagic, nettoe, pysol, tipptrainer*, tuxtype, typspeed, xblast,
xgalaga, xletters and zivot.  There might be some additionally in wrong
sections, though.

 About those junior-games-* packages, they are only metapackages
depending on others, not games themself (but if you like to remove the
games you have to remove those, too, of course).

> This is so brain dead! We should pay 1000EUR to get legitimation so
> that we're allowed to provide games on the CD.

 No.  We should pay 1000EUR that we get legitimation to provide games on
a CD that we are allowed to hand people _younger than 18_.  You don't
have to pay anything if you only hand those CDs to people that are 18 or
older.  While the law might be a good idea by itself there must be found
a way provided for producers of free games that are not that expensive.
It can't be that people have to pay for things they don't sell to be
allowed to distribute them.

 Have fun,
"Es gibt in diesem Netz Gute und Böse. Wer die Bösen sind,
entscheiden die Guten." (Michael Ottenbruch in de.admin.news.regeln)

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