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Re: FOSDEM: t-shirts and stuff

Op wo 29-01-2003, om 14:19 schreef Martin Michlmayr:
> I talked to an organizer of FOSDEM and asked if we can sell Debian
> t-shirts and he said yes.  Also, he offered a stand.

Nice. I'm willing to help staff it for a few hours (but would *really*
like to see some presentations), and if required, can bring some
hardware too (I'll be there by car).

> Hence: does
> anyone have t-shirts or other stuff from other events?  I think most
> t-shirts were sold at LinuxTag, so it might make sense to make new
> ones.  Who did it last year?

Nobody. There was no Debian booth on FOSDEM last year, since no one took
the initiative.

We (as in: Frederic Peeters and me) still have some Debian flyers
around, created for Linux@work last year. I'm sure those could be

Hm, no. On second thought, they're Dutch and French only. FOSDEM is too
international for that to be of any use.

wouter at grep dot be
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