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Re: Possible sponsors for debconf3

* Andreas Tille (tillea@rki.de) [030127 09:09]:
> On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> > Here are some firms we could contact wrt sponsoring people to get to
> > debconf3, especially to debcamp.  After all, they benefit when Debian
> > becomes better.  Andreas, can you contact them?
> I might step in here as well - I'm Andreas, too. ;-))
> > Springer Verlag: they have a Debian book
> >
> > IBM, HP, Sun, Compaq
> Do you have any certain E-Mail addresses here.  It might take a while
> to get the right person.  I'm wondering whether we could ask Tom Schwaller
> (IBM) directly - but I know no Address.  Regarding HP we might ask Bdale.

finding the right people to talk to is allmost the whole
challange and the most time consuming.

i contacted bdale (no answer yet) and have the name and address
of the responsibel person in europe at hp.

other then that, i contacted SAP, IBM, SUN, HP, Dell, Lindows and trolltech.

Lindows and trolltech will sponsor us,
ibm asked for a two-page project description and reason to
sponsor us (not sure if that is good), HP (see above), SAP, sun
and Dell: no contact yet. ideas and initiatives are appreciated.

furthermore i plan to contact intel, amd, via, sis, samsung,
oracle, samsung, microsoft, the last one mostly for the sake of a
good laugh (but, hey, i would take their money!). 

if someone wants to help, we should try to do that in a
coordinated fashion. different people following each their own
agenda might be the best way to ensure failiour. to be in the
loop i will *even* subscribe to this mailinglist!

> > LinuxLand
> I hope they would be more responsive than to simple suport questions ...

i dont expect much there.

> > Lehmanns - http://www.lob.de/

those you can scratch right away i feel. no good experiences

> > Gonicus - www.gonicus.de  : Thin-Clients on the basis of Debian
> > (GOto: http://freshmeat.net/projects/gototc)
> >
> > http://www.bee.de/  Hardware, they offer Debian
> Thanks for this list.  I'll check it out.  More hints are welcome.

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