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This all is about the demopoint at the LL booth: 

On Sun, Jan 26, 2003 at 03:01:51PM +0100, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
> Accomodation
>      * Helge Kreutzmann
> Hardware
>    Should probably be limited. A fast machine machine with a large (>=
>    17in) TFT would be nice. Anyone?


Normal we get this all from LL. In 2001 we had one table, with
'Barhocker'. In the table one normal PC and a TFT on it. 

I _think_ we will get this all this year too, but I will check this.

> Posters and flyers
>    Posters are probably still available from previous fairs. Joey? With
>    regard to the limited space, we should probably not have more than one
>    or at most two large posters. One of them should contain the logo.


Normal we don't have space for this. Maybe one signboard (1 x 0.4 meter)
with the word 'Debian'. I don't think we have more space...

>    Are there still flyers left over from previous fairs? Joey?

Yes, we have hundreds. This is not a problem

At the demo point we need one person all the time. The absolute maxium
are two persons. 

Maybe we should also make a 'real debian booth' if we get more booth
stuff? Comments?

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