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Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
> I've begun to collect some information WRT our CeBIT booth. They're
> available at http://people.debian.org/~rb/cebit.html. There are quite
> a few questionmarks though. Let me know if you've any more details.

Ah, cool.
Are you going to maintain it continuesly and should the Debian web
page link to this one?  I don't have to maintain a copy of yours on
my site.  However, if comprehensive information etc. should be
collected by me I'm happy to update the archive every time I notice
something noteworthy or when people point me to it.

> Hardware
>    Should probably be limited. A fast machine machine with a large (>=
>    17in) TFT would be nice. Anyone?

I assume that there is only space for _one_ machine, and this maschine
should probably be used for the entire exhibition.  That means that some
sort of handing over needs to be organized prior to the CeBIT and after
the exhibition.  Also, the machine HAS TO BE SECURED DURING ALL NIGHTS,
moving it to the back of the booth and hiding it behind "some stuff" is
usually sufficient.  Also, the machine MUST NOT BE LEFT ALONE while all
booths are dismantling.

> Posters and flyers
>    Posters are probably still available from previous fairs. Joey? With
>    regard to the limited space, we should probably not have more than one
>    or at most two large posters. One of them should contain the logo.

Posteres, yes.  However, as part of the Linuxland booth, there is
usually no space to use them.

>    Are there still flyers left over from previous fairs? Joey?

Only very few.  Formorer too those from HCT and I've heard that there
are about none left at credativ, but I haven't queried Michael yet.



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