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Re: 4th Magdeburger Linuxtage 2003

Is somebody interested?



Frank Deßmann wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> We want to invite the Debian-Project to our 4th Magdeburger Linuxtage
> 2003 event which is on the 5th of April 2003 in a cooperation with the
> University of Magdeburg in Magdeburg/Germany.
> For any further details please contact us per mail linuxtag@mdlug.de
> or have a look to our Call for Lecture/Paper on our website
> http://www.mdlug.de/linuxtag2003/index.php?option=linuxtag&Itemid=52
> We hope to hear from you soon.
> Have a nice day,
> Frank Dessmann
> ---
> Frank Dessmann - dessmann@mdlug.de
> Magdeburger Linux User Group: http://www.mdlug.de - #mdlug on EuIRC

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