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Hamburg Computer Tag

Hi all,
	after a fast chat with Martin, I offered volunteer to join the
team. I saw i was in the staff list until a few minutes ago but suddenly
I disappeared. I would like to know which is the actual status and to who
provide/ask details about the stage. I have some hardware that I can
bring there with me (1 laptop, 3com hubs, 2 cisco switches 24 ports
10Mb+2100Mb, cisco wlan 1 base station and 2 pcmcia cards, cables of
course...) but of course I would like to avoid bringing with me
unnecessary equipment. I will attend from the 24th (i should be there
around 12 o'clock) and leave the 26th around 15:30.
What else needs to be done?


vega:~# apt-get install life
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
E: Couldn't find package life

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