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Debian Booth at practical Linux Giessen

Good Morning,

Debian will get a booth at the Practical Linux in Giessen (19th of
October, from 0800 to 1800 [1]). I will be there the whole day, and
will bring some CDs from LT and 80-100 flyers, one ore two big Posters,
and one or two Notebooks (one realy slow one).

Joerg, IIRC you said, you will come there, too, if I remember you. I
think, I have done this now ;)

Of course every one else (perhaps someone, who brings some T-Shirts?)
can come to Giessen, too :)
(some of the talks sound interessting, but most targeting not
developers, but users)

Joey, if can spare some seconds for this, I would be pleased, if you
would update the events page ;) There's just some formalia left to do.

01: http://www.practical-linux.de/



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