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Meeting with Bdale Garbee in Marburg/Hessen/Germany


Ok, this goes to a bigger number of recipients (many in BCC).
So reply-to and mail-followup-to is set to me.

As you probably know our DPL is in Marburg/Hessen/Germany at 06 October
this year and I started to arrange a meeting with him.
If you want to attend: Just mail me that if you havent already done.

Now the information about the place where we meet:

Its a "bistro" in Marburg, called Carpediem. The address is Carpediem,
Biegenstr. 42, 35037 Marburg.

If you come with a train: Take a bus. Many of them are driving
there. You need to get out at the VHS (Volkshochschule).

If you come with a car:
You can park at the "Lahnufer".

Coming from Kassel take the exit "Marburg mitte" and then turn right at
the next 3 crossings.

Coming from Giessen its the same exit, just take the right turn for 4
(Well, skip one dead-end street that is there somewhere.)

Then you should be on a small avenue (its a one-way) and on the right
side there are the parking places.

For more exact details guiding you from your house to the Carpediem 
ask map&guide or similar stuff. :)

Um, every spelling errors you find is a present for you :)

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bye, Joerg                 Encrypted Mail preferred!
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