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Re: Giveaways Linux World Expo (Frankfurt)

Good morning,

* Chris Halls <chris.halls@gmx.de> [020926 14:26]:

> I mentioned on #openoffice.org that I'll be at the Expo, and was asked if I
> wanted to get hold of some OOo CDs.  They are not the official Debian
> packages, but I guess having them is a good idea anyway?

As long as OOo isn't part of a stable release, it would be nice to have
such CDs at least on business events.

> Jan Palic has said today that he won't be able to come after all :(
That's bad, especially because perhaps I need to go to an important
meeting in my university on one day (but that's not for sure).

BTW: Two People of the local LUG offered Hardware, one could ask his
boss for a "HP-Visualize C 160 L Desktop Workstation with PA-RSC 1.1e" running
Woody, the other offered his "PowerBook G4".
And I don't know, if we get a beamer, yet.



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