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Re: LinuxDays 2002 Info

Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> writes:


>    Monitors and keyboards are "no problem". 

Ok, so I don't bring mine, it's heavy and easy to break. If it's
needed after all, tell me, I'll take it (see below)

>    So I guess Rémi could just bring his box if he does not find a
>    lift but we should double check that.

I found a lift, and we can bring two pc. I don't plan to take monitors
if it's not needed, as that's the easiest part to break. 

PCs : one athlon 550 and probably one XP1.8 (otherwise TB1.3). Both
are quite 3D capable, so we can have flashy 3D demos or games to catch
people :-)

One will be "restricted" (it's my main pc, so demonstrating things is
OK, but not a complete installation, and root is restricted :-)

The other one (the big one) will be completely free, so anything can
be done to it except dismantling.

I'll come with a friend, who is available to demonstrate how
linux beginners are able to cope with debian :-)


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