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Re: Giveaways Linux World Expo

* Noel Koethe <noel@koethe.net> [020912 23:03]:

> From Linux-Kongress we still have Linuxtag CD (ca.120 at Grisu) and alot
> of flyers (>1000). I or Michael Meskes will bring them to LWE in Frankfurt.
Well, we don't know, how much people will visit our both, so that ought
to be enough.
Sorry, should have thought earlier about this.

> I don't know if Grisu will come to Frankfurt but if not, it might be possible
> to get Debian T-Shirts from him to sell them at the booth if this is wanted and
> allowed. I could bring them from Grisu to LWE.
After reading their standard business conditions, I think it is allowed
(I wonder, why they should forbid it, it is a fair, exhibitors want to
sell their products, didn't they?)

So it would be nice, to have Shirts there.



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