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Re: Giveaways Linux World Expo

On Don, 12 Sep 2002, Christian Weerts wrote:


> > currently we have no giveaways for the Debian booth at the Linux World
> > Expo (held at the end of Oktober in Frankfurt). No flyers, no cd's,
> > nothing.
> > 
> > Could someone tell me please, what we have left from other events, and
> > if we need to organize something else?

From Linux-Kongress we still have Linuxtag CD (ca.120 at Grisu) and alot
of flyers (>1000). I or Michael Meskes will bring them to LWE in Frankfurt.
I don't know if Grisu will come to Frankfurt but if not, it might be possible
to get Debian T-Shirts from him to sell them at the booth if this is wanted and
allowed. I could bring them from Grisu to LWE.

Noch einen schönen Tag

	Noèl Köthe

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