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Re: Linux world expo Frankfurt


Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> c) Decide if we need additional furniture.
>    We get a small table, and a computer table/info point.
>    I think it would be nice, to have some kind of commode, to put away
>    our disks/shirts (see b). It's a business congress, and I don't
>    think our booth will look nice for them with different carboard
>    boxes lying arroung (and we have not as much tables to hide them as
>    at LinuxTag).
>    So I'll ask Fr. Käppel, if we can get one.

Before ordering, please ensure that LWE is paying for it so you don't
get a receipt you haven't expected.

> <s>Company</s>Project: Debian GNU/Linux

Why not "Debian Project"?  You seem to confuse the product with the

> (Yes, I know some developers working on a Hurd and BSD port, but I
> think adding GNU/Linux will tell those businessman, that we are a
> distribution)

I thought we were a project creating a distribution.  I may be wrong,
though. :-)

> Street, land, city, phone, fax, contact person: Any good Idea?
> Email: debian-user-german@lists.debian.org
> Well, my first thought.

I'd ask to include an URL there and nothing else: http://www.debian.org/

Everything else doesn't make that much sense.

> Product Description (max. 116 chars):
> Debian is ein freies Betriebssystem und besteht aus über 8710
> Programmen, deren Quelltext frei erhältlich ist.

What about?

Das Debian-Projekt besteht aus nahezu 1000 freiwilligen Entwicklern,
die ein Freies Betriebssystem für Computer aller Art erstellen.

> Advertisment:
> =============
> (Deadline: 30th of september)
> 1. Logos
> They will send me their Logos via mail soon, well, they think it is
> nice to make a link to their site, where you can pre-registrate your
> visit for free (instead of pay when you arrive).

We already link to their site from
<http://www.debian.org/events/2002/1029-lwe>, which is the usual way.

> Quite funny for me, who is doing that kind of organisation for the
> first time :))

Now you get an idea at least how expensive the projects booths at an
exhibition are.  LinuxTag has to ay similar fees for such equipment.



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