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Linux world expo Frankfurt

Good morning,

just got the forms to order nearly every stuff we could need. So I
think, it is time to start work.

First the good news: Allthough I told you otherwise in my last mail, we
probaly get a beamer. I met a guy in the local LUG, who is working for
Network Appliance. They hired some FS Developers, they support open
standards, and they use Debian (on some of their machines). So I think,
getting a beamer from them is OK, allthough he told me, they earn their
money mainly through a software patent :(

That's not sure at all, the chances are approximalty 90%. I'm waiting
for a definitly answer, until then I will continue to ask nearly every
person I know for a beamer ;)

our booth, furniture, merchandising:
I think, we should start to be more concretely, remove some question
marks in the current planing.

a) Who will be there how long, where will he/she/it sleep?
b) What do we have left as give away's, do we want/need to produce
   additional stuff?
c) Decide if we need additional furniture.
   We get a small table, and a computer table/info point.
   I think it would be nice, to have some kind of commode, to put away
   our disks/shirts (see b). It's a business congress, and I don't
   think our booth will look nice for them with different carboard
   boxes lying arroung (and we have not as much tables to hide them as
   at LinuxTag).
   So I'll ask Fr. Käppel, if we can get one.
d) Sorry, forgot to ask, if we can be near to the credativ booth (was
   nice at LinuxTag, wasn't it?). The actual plan doesn't show them,
   and it is planned to put our booth very edged.
e) I got a Mail from Nik Butler in answer to my last update here. But I
   didn't got an answer on my "Sure you can help, but who are you?"
   from him yet.
   Nik, if you can read this, would you please satisfy my curiosity? ;)

So much for that, now to the organisation stuff (in order of appearance
in the .pdf document, not of importance):

catologue entry:
(Deadline: 26th of august)

<s>Company</s>Project: Debian GNU/Linux
(Yes, I know some developers working on a Hurd and BSD port, but I
think adding GNU/Linux will tell those businessman, that we are a

Street, land, city, phone, fax, contact person: Any good Idea?
Email: debian-user-german@lists.debian.org
Well, my first thought.

Product Description (max. 116 chars):
Debian is ein freies Betriebssystem und besteht aus über 8710
Programmen, deren Quelltext frei erhältlich ist.

(Debian is a free operating system and consist of more than 8710
programs, of which the source code is avaible for free)

Exhibitor passes, parking
(Deadline: 10th of september)
After my last phone call I thought we can get as much exhibitor passes
and parking tickets for free. But the forms tell a parking ticket costs
€33, and only 3 exhibitor passes are for free, while you need to buy
additional passes for €15.

Very  strange thing, because they offer cards for booth building for
free (for personal and for cars). So I wonder why someone should buy a
€15 ticket, if he can order a "building booth entry" card and a
VIP-Entry for free??

No problem, I'll need to phone them soon (they read my adress wrong),
so I can ask them.

(Deadline: 30th of september)

1. Logos
They will send me their Logos via mail soon, well, they think it is
nice to make a link to their site, where you can pre-registrate your
visit for free (instead of pay when you arrive).

2. Advertisment:
Does anyone need small stickers of this Event? They are for free.

3. Posters (max. 10)
Need some Posters? They are not as large as the LT posters (only DinA2)
and they are not nice as the LT posters, just showing a penguin moving
away (and the sponsors).

4. VIP tickets
We can get something called "VIP ticket". Well... there will be a
seperate registry, where they get a ticket, badge and catalogue,
without waiting in the queue.
I'm going to order some they people I asked for a beamer.

5. conference super pass
Just a mention to be complete: We can get "conference super passes" for
€230 (instead €350), to get acces to alls conference sessions and

Last, not least: Something funny
Very nice what we could order if we had the money for it. Coffe
maschine (€33), ten different types of seats in different colors
(ranging from €15 to €45), ashtray's (€2), 2MBit/s Internet access
(€1695) etc.

Quite funny for me, who is doing that kind of organisation for the
first time :))

I'll put the forms and a actual plan of the exhibition hall online at
http://www.schmehl.info/linux/lwe2002/lwe-ffm-20020712.png (80kb)
Marketing.pdf (488K) and Technik_D.pdf (1.6M).



PGP key on demand, mailto:alexander@schmehl.info with subject "get pgp-key"

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