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LWE: No Update; need your suggestions

Good morning,

just phoned with Mrs. Käppel from the exhibiton organization.

First the good news: We can have as much exhibitor passes as we like (I
said we need probaly six), as long as we report the names before the
10th of september.

I asked her for a sideboard (to put CD's, disk etc. in, I don't think
businessman would like the lightly chaotic look at the LT booth), and
she said probaly yes (we will see it at the exhibition).

So lets start the real work:
Christian Kurz and me were discussing the catalogue entries. There are
two questions left, where we like to hera your opinion:

1. Email adress.
My idea was the debian-user-german@list.debian.org, because many people
have trouble installing debian or with some packages. But, as Christian
pointed out corectly, this list is not the right choice, who whichs to
send us critics (This list is full of fundamentalistical Debian users!)
His suggestion was the -project list (after checking their policy),
which is not the right place, to ask questions, how to install debian.
Feedback will be welcome (but we prepared a coin to throw, if we can't find a
better solution).

2. product categories
Debian offers that much software, we could easily choose nearly every
categorie out of the ~54 categories, which isn't hardware related. The
problem is, that we can choose only six of them.

The most important are (without order)
- Server Software
- Office Productivity/Suites
- Distribution

We are not quite sure of
- security
- Desktop/Multipurp.Environment/OS and (allthough we are not quite sure
  what a "multipurpose environment" is)
- Dekstops/Desktop Environments/OS

Other categories we could choose are:
- Applic.Developm.Programming Tools
- Communications: Email, Messagin
- Networking/Mngmt/SysAdmin
- Servers & Server Management
- Web Apps Dev/Programming Tools
- Web Mngmt/Monitoring/Analysis

So, feel free to tell us your suggestion, as long as you can express it
with 6 of these categories ;)

Oh, one final point: While taking a closer look at their generalt terms
(AGB) I first thought, that we were not allowed to take photos. Asking
Mrs. Käppel for this point, she told me, that we surely can tale
pictures of our own booth, and the other boothes at the .org pavilion,
but we must not photograph the other boothes.



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