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Re: Linuxtag 2002 - report from the swedish guy

Sven Hoexter wrote:
> >  The chat
> > system was very confusing as well, two windows that started scrolling
> > and didn't stop...  Very confusing.

> heise chat - one window for the flamewars and one for the people to answer
> the usefull questions. IMHO you did quite well for the 10min introduction
> to UL in the office and on the other hand what has Debian to do with it

Yes, that was very, very helpful!

You've done an amazingly good job in the office, and I'd really love
to have you on board there next year again, for all days, for the same
tasks.  That was really so overwhelmingly helpful to us all and to me
especially, I can't express.

> at all? It's a commercial project not intresting for Debian in any way
> I can think of. So don't think about it too much.

True, but it looks like Debian is recognized by some people as the
important non-commercial producer of GNU/Linux distributions, which is
good.  That means, that our opinion is to be counted.  It also means
that any effort without counting Debian in, is a dead effort.  This is
something interesting.

> I'll bet this is all forced by IBM cause they plan to buy SuSE in the future
> but that's another topic ...

Well, not sure if they really want to buy them, it's much easier to
keep an eye on them and feed them with some $$ to keep them alive, and
harvest their work.



There are lies, statistics and benchmarks.

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