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Re: some extra LT review points ...

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

>> Only if you have one. :)
>> We should setup all machines in mainly the same way.
> But they should look differently, so the visitor becomes aware fo the
> fact that Debian does not try to synchronize the user to use only one
> single interface (like some other distros do, by installing KDE as
> default).  Show the variety, I'd say.

Yes. I mean with the Accounts. Desktop Environment doesnt matter.

> Anyway, all booth machines should have one LinuxTag account sharing
> the same password.  This account doesn't need to be known worldwide
> but every person at the booth should know the login:password
> combination so he can start the machine, log in and demonstrate
> things.  sudo access for apt-get (it should be ok to reduce the access
> to apt-get) would be required as well.

And dpkg-reconfigure, dpkg. First thing to show debconf (re)-usage,
second for "Howto install debs found somewhere" (example).
Better: Just (ALL) if it is a "Linuxtag Only" Setup and killed after
the LT.

>> > Good idea. And we also need squealing penguins as HP to attract people
>> > ;-))))
>> Oh NOOO :)
> Exactly.  No no!  Very bad idea.  I fully support you here.

I have one here, but i used Pattex so it shuts up. Its nice if its
quiet. :) But this ugly sound *argh*

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