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Re: CD Covers for Linuxwochen CD

* Martin Wuertele <martin@wuertele.net> [020609 18:00]:
> Hi Christoph!
> On Sun, 09 Jun 2002, Christoph Siess wrote:
> > we need a Cover for our CDs for the Linuxwochen in Vienna.
> > I prefer a change of the Covers for the LinuxTag CDs which can be found
> > here: http://armadillo.ffis.de/~cw/debian/lt02/cd/artwork/latest/
> > So we need some volunteers :)
If I could help you, tell me how! What would you like to
change on the Covers? Have you got a sponsor so I can put
the Logo on the front or/and back?

Btw: The copyright notice on the left is wanted by the owner
of the hand-picture, so don't remove it!

May the Source be with you...

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