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Re: non-electronic stuff for the LinuxTag-booth

Thimo Neubauer wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just started thinking about all things we might need to build the
> booth but only thought of the following:
> 1. shall we put some kind of clock in front of the booth showing the
>    time and topic of the next show? Is it possible to buy such a
>    thing? Or should we just print out the picture of a xclock with the
>    Topic below and change the paper?
> 2. We need things like "Kreppband"[1] for the posters and those big
>    black markers to quickly write signs and to write the owner in
>    things. 
> 3. "Flatterband"[1] (the red and white tape) like proposed in a mail
>    looong ago
> 4. multiple sockets, I'll take mine with 8 outlets with me but I guess
>    that this won't be enough

  5. tp cables

  6. Something I forgot due to too many interrupts.

> Please add more things we need... Ah, is it possible to get cases of
> sparkling water from the catering service? Or do we have to buy
> something to drink in a supermarket?

Don't even try to buy one from the catering service.  You'd be a poor
man sooner as you may expect.  There should be supermarkets and stuff
in the near environment.  LinuxTag has to fetch things from there as
well, hence I hope to have somebody who knows where to fetch what. If
so, you can ask him.



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