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non-electronic stuff for the LinuxTag-booth


I've just started thinking about all things we might need to build the
booth but only thought of the following:

1. shall we put some kind of clock in front of the booth showing the
   time and topic of the next show? Is it possible to buy such a
   thing? Or should we just print out the picture of a xclock with the
   Topic below and change the paper?

2. We need things like "Kreppband"[1] for the posters and those big
   black markers to quickly write signs and to write the owner in

3. "Flatterband"[1] (the red and white tape) like proposed in a mail
   looong ago

4. multiple sockets, I'll take mine with 8 outlets with me but I guess
   that this won't be enough

Please add more things we need... Ah, is it possible to get cases of
sparkling water from the catering service? Or do we have to buy
something to drink in a supermarket?


[1] feel free to translate as usual ;-) 

Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org>
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 frozen! See http://www.debian.org/ for details

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