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Re: open tasks, infos

Michael Bramer wrote:
> DebianDay:
>    The time shifts are ready. We should now make some latex-poster
>    with this time table...

See the attached file(s).

This is what I can create for any day, at any time.  It can be
printed and resized to A3 or beautified (i.e. text added etc.)
and then printed and resized.

For compiling you'll probably need the Humanist font package

FYI: If you should be in trouble re LinuxTag or need to reach me,
call the number below, which should be routed from Kaierslautern
to Karlsruhe into our office.



If you come from outside of Finland, you live in wrong country.
	-- motd of irc.funet.fi

Attachment: debianday.tex
Description: TeX document


\LoadClass[11pt, a4paper]{article}



\sloppy\hbadness 10000

\parindent 0pt
\parskip 12pt

% ------------------------------ Kopfzeile ------------------------------
  \put(0,45){\textbf{LinuxTag e.\,V.}}
  \put(0,40){Universit"at Kaiserslautern}
  \put(0,35){67653 Kaiserslautern}
  \put(0,20){Telefon: 0631 / 310\,93\,71}
  \put(0,15){Telefax: 0631 / 310\,93\,72}
  \put(50,7){\makebox[11.5cm][r]{\Huge #1}}
  \put(50,0){\makebox[11.5cm][r]{\large #2}}



  Michael Croon\hfill Telefon: 0631 / 310\,93\,71\\
  LinuxTag e.\,V.\hfill Telefax: 0631 / 310\,93\,72\\
  Universit"at Kaiserslautern\hfill info@linuxtag.de\\
  67653 Kaiserslautern\hfill www.linuxtag.de

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