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Re: Debian Flyer

Noel Koethe wrote:
> Its not David Welton who works on the flyer.
> Its Davide Dettori - davide.dettori (at) nekhem dot com.

Sorry, my fault.

> Sure he can work on the flyer if he wants but the question
> is if the flyer will be spread at the booth if it will be ready
> for LT?

Others need to speak up since I probably won't find time to staff the
booth and would reject any shift Thimo assigns to me.

> > Just because you are unable to use The GIMP and LaTeX doesn't mean
> > nobody can use them.
> I didn't wrote that.

But I did.

> > Oh, and for colour separation, dodge that.  Create an RGB Postscript
> > file, hand it over to a design studio and receive four slides, one for
> > each of CMYK.  Been there, done that, don't tell me you can't!  You
> > only need to want it!
> And you need time for it which we haven't.

That costs one day.  If that day is not available, it should not be
done, because there's no time left over for corrections and fixing
other disasters.

> There are 4 possible ways:
> 1. we use the outdated flyer from LT 2000
> 2. we don't use any flyer
> 3. we try to make the flyer from Davide ready
> 4. someone will make a flyer with pure free software
> I prefer 4, 3, 2, 1
> Joey prefer 4, 1, afaik
> If nobody will do job 4 because of limited time what
> will we do?

I believe that, for this LinuxTag exhibition, 3 and 4 are not possible due
to no time for discussing design, phrasing, impact and corrections.  For
a general goal, I'd vote for 4, of course.

Re 1: Michael Meskes and me were chatting about this for a while, Michael
will try to use all remaining flyers at least, so regardless of new flyers,
they may not need to be thrown away.

2 is worse than 1, because the flyers from 2000 contain a lot of general
information like Freedom, community, cintinuity, stability etc. which
is still true and very important for the public view of Debian.



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