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Debian Flyer


we've got a problem I just was made aware of.

Until now I thought that the flyers fog's company (mixad life)
produced for us back in 2000 were release-independend and could be
used until there are no flyers left over.

However, the truth is that they mention "more than 4000 packages",
"over 500 people", "following architectures [listing six of them]",
"fits barely on 6 CDs (3 of architecture dependent [..] plus 3 of
source code)" and the worst thing is that it links to Potato's release
notes and a potato-based download path.

Hence, we need to discuss how to handle these flyers.

One way would be to distribute as much of them as possible, so many,
many people hear the word (or read in that particular case) - and with
the benefit that we wouldn't have too many leftovers when Woody gets
actually released.

I just counted the archive, I guess that we still have some
1,800-2,400 flyers.




The only stupid question is the unasked one.

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