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Re: Version 2 of CD Image

Michael Meskes <meskes@debian.org> writes:

>> > What about those security fix in mozilla rc2?
>> I just vote to drop netscape.
> I support that too. How about galeon? 

If i take mozilla from Sid i must take Galeon from there. :)

>> > Also drop most of -dev packages, I doubt that many end users
>> > would need them.
>> Agreed.
> Do we even need one?

Yes, for some depends.

>> > :: A suggestion i get. Would save space, but is Cups usable for Newbies?
> Probably better than lpr(ng) as there is a web based front-end. :-)

No "Dont do that" til now. So it increases priority. :)

>> > Add de Documentation.
> So my last statement is mood, or was this taken out of context?

I add one. If i have one. :)
That is in the boot-floppies Makefile for the Documentation:

## languages supported for Install Manual
# de es fi hr ja pl pt ru sk -- still potato
# fr -- not up to date
# others -- nonexistent
installmanual-langs := C ca cs da it 

## languages for the Release Notes
# hr pt sk -- still slink
# ja da de es cs pl ru fr -- still potato or not up to date
# (but then, it's been hectic)
# others -- nonexistent
relnotes-langs := C

## languages for Dselect Documentation for Beginners
# cs de es hr ja pt ru sk -- still slink/potato
# fr -- not up to date
# others -- nonexistent
dselect-beginner-langs	:= C ca da pl

So i dont have that Documentation in de.

Ok, lets change all Lines to only build de:
That breaks build (Lines cuttet with \ from me):
debiandoc2text -d /usr/share/sgml/debiandoc/dtd/sgml/1.0/debiandoc.dcl \
               -l de  -O install.de.sgml > install.de.txt

nsgmls:de/inst-methods.sgml:295:1:E: general entity \
                "base-contents-file" not defined and no default entity
nsgmls:de/kernel.sgml:147:64:E: general entity "Choose-the-Host-name" \
                 not defined and no default entity
make[3]: *** [install.de.txt] Error 1

At that point i stopped to look into. :)

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg                 Encrypted Mail preferred!
Registered Linux User #97793 @ http://counter.li.org

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