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Version 2 of CD Image


(Some CCs to people who really should not miss this mail :) ).

New Image, New Thread (so i can collect flames on that Image better :)).
Image size now 648MBs. So if you want to add Packages you must name one
to delete.
File cdromlist_v2 in lists/ is available now, symlink from current.list
to it.

Joey: One Idea. And one Question to you as one of debian-admin:
Can you give me access on raff or any other debian machine with a
better connection than klecker AND enough free space until the CD thing
is finished?
I looked at the machines i have access, but only auric was fine. But
thats ftp-master, so not a good deal. :)

First: I changed Changes to ChangeLog so i use a proper ChangeLog
Format now. :)
ChangeLog for this Image follows. In this Mail i write some comments on
some points that are not in the ChangeLog. Dont get confused, they are
marked with :: :)

Update on Klecker is running with rsync. DONT use the Image there while
the File DONT_DOWNLOAD.NOW is there !
jigdo files follow. Same goes here: No download before
DONT_DOWNLOAD.NOW disappears. :)

My local rsync is OK, but dont use it before 02:00, so my update to
klecker does not slow down.

The Layout is:
In Images the Symbolic link current.raw points to the newest CD Image,
today woody*v2.raw
In jigdo the current.[jigdo|template] linked to the latest
I was asked to never delete an Image, so all Images alive.

If you use rsync on my local machine be SURE to NOT transfer Image1 and
then Image2! Copy the old image to the name of the new and then run
rsync on it.

2002-05-15  Joerg Jaspert  <joerg@debian.org>

	* Added debian.html and Wincrash Autostart files for it.
	But debian.html needs to be rewritten. (Given to Gerfried Fuchs)

	* Added FAQ.DE Directory with actual debian-user-german FAQ. We
	can change it to be in debian.html later. Or change dirname. Lets
	see what Gerfried says.

:: Joey: Add him to Readme.Linuxtag. You can also add that the fact that
:: debian.html contains a small Installation Intro and a German FAQ.

	* Added the sponsorlogos from last year for debian.html. We need
	Logos for any new sponsor!

:: We should move the logos to the pic subdir.
:: BTW Grisu: I cant give you any UFG Logo. I can only hit them
:: tomorrow again to answer fast to your mail. :)

:: Hmm, sometimes i really hate my english.

	* Changed debian.gif to debian.png.

	* Added Subdir books with German Debian/GNU Linux Guide from
	grisu. Also added dahb-pdf, the "Debian GNU/Linux
	Anwenderhandbuch" from Frank Ronneburg. 10MB Books :)

:: I extracted the PDF of Franks Buch and added that. I dont added the
:: Package. Should i do that too? But i prefer it this way. So everyone
:: can read the book without an installed Debian.

	* Changed: Boot Prozess, the Messages there. Now in German.
	I hope they are correct.

:: They are not. You dont need to report that, i know it. DONT use äöüß
:: in bootmessages :)

	* Changed: Newer boot-floppies. David's CVS build from
	But they dont have files in doc/, so I added the ones from the
	old boot-floppies.

:: That means: Still not german. If anyone has german files for this:
:: Im happy to use them.

	* Removed-Packages: analog, aumix, fetchmail, icewm-experimental,
	xli, xpilot, sawmill, sawmill-gnome, arla, apache-perl, apg,
	links, lynx, wget, arla-dev, arla-modules-source, asnparser,
	electric-fence, erlang, erlang-base, erlang-doc-html,
	erlang-manpages, erlang-slang, heimdal-clients, heimdal-clients-x,
	heimdal-dev, heimdal-docs, heimdal-kdc, heimdal-lib,
	heimdal-servers, heimdal-servers-x, kerberos4kth-clients,
	kerberos4kth-clients-x, kerberos4kth-dev, kerberos4kth-dev-common,
	kerberos4kth-docs, kerberos4kth-kdc, kerberos4kth-kip, 
	kerberos4kth-servers, kerberos4kth-servers-x,
	kerberos4kth-services, kerberos4kth-user, kerberos4kth-x11,
	kerberos4kth1, krb4-config, krb5-config, libacl1-kerberos4kth, 
	libasn1-5-heimdal, libcomerr1-heimdal,libgssapi1-heimdal,
	libhdb7-heimdal, libkadm1-kerberos4kth, libkadm5clnt4-heimdal,
	libkadm5srv7-heimdal, libkafs0-heimdal, libkdb-1-kerberos4kth,
	libkrb-1-kerberos4kth, libkrb5-17-heimdal,
	libotp0-heimdal, libpam-heimdal, libroken9-heimdal,
	libsl0-heimdal,libss0-heimdal, links, lynx, pgp4pine, kftgt,
	libsasl-gssapi-heimdal, libsasl-gssapi-mit

:: Yes, i probably dont need to exclude all the lib packages, but it
:: does not hurt to have them in the exclude file.

	* Added-Packages: tin, gnus, webalizer, aumix-gtk, vim-gtk, hotplug,
	rxvt, slrn, zapping, eterm, lyx, psi, gnomeicu, gnomba, parted,
	gqview, xine-ui, smpeg-xmms, tuxracer, jpilot, netris,
	fetchmail-ssl, icepref, icewm-themes, lftp, most,
	libapache-mod-ssl, gnumeric, pinfo, t-prot, xblast, cupsys,
	links-ssl, lynx-ssl, mgp, wget-ssl, xemacs21

	* First image built before deep night. Ha.


And now the Todo File, with Comments too:

Add Packages needed/ Remove unneeded Packages. Give Feedback what you
want here !

:: That still applies. More then before. Could be that I missed some
really important thing with all the changes above.

äöüß in bootmessage -> kill them

:: Shit bug. Fixed in next version. Sorry for that. :)

Fix all Bugs we found. HA.

Look at mozilla from sid and drop netscape (if it does not need to much
from Sid).
What about those security fix in mozilla rc2?

:: I start that tomorrow. If i started it today i cant give the Image
:: out to test today.

Also drop most of -dev packages, I doubt that many end users
would need them.

:: Not done yet. Only drop most of the -dev, or things like bison, gcc,
:: g++ to?
:: And I cant drop all, some are needed by a Depend.

debian.html must be rewritten. (an alfie gegeben)

:: Is in work.

Should i add gnupg1.07 from SID?

:: gpg 1.07 has a lot of Bugfixes and Speed Improvement. As far as i
:: can see no new depends only available in SID. So i ask: Should i
:: include the 1.07 in this CD in favour of 1.06?

Should i kill all other printer spoolers, we have cupsys included?

:: A suggestion i get. Would save space, but is Cups usable for Newbies?

In Progress:
Kill all Documentation except en.

:: I hope thats done. Except the en i rm it between make packages and
:: make images :)

Add de Documentation.

:: I have none, so not done yet.

One last note: The files ChangeLog and Todo are always available from
my rsync space or from people.debian.org/~joerg/lt. They are updated
regularly. So you can always see that im working on the thing.
I always update them while im working on the Image. (This release is
built 5 times before i considered it OK for a upload.)

rsync for the new image is at 60% now, so be patient, its on the
way. Its tested to boot and start base install. Not more now. I start
with it after this mail.

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg                 Encrypted Mail preferred!
Registered Linux User #97793 @ http://counter.li.org

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