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Re: Version 2 of CD Image

On Thu, 16 May 2002, Michael Meskes wrote:

> On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 08:34:05AM +0200, Tille, Andreas wrote:
> > Do we really need so many terminal emulators??? (Flames about that to
> > /dev/null ;-). )
> I completely agree, but I guess that doesn't have to go to /dev/null.
> :-)
I've got a brand new high capacity / high speed /dev/null and want to
test it extensively.  Since I use it for backup I spend only a
fraction of a minute for the job ;-)).

> > I just vote to drop netscape.
> I support that too. How about galeon?
Uhmm - I never had the idea that Galeon would be out!!
Please include this greates browser I've ever seen!

> > Agreed.
> Do we even need one?
No - as long as this would stop Galeon from beeing included.

> > Hmm, LinuxTag is a German conference with potential German visitors, right?
> > Why not stick to German documentation and just leave the English where no
> > (up to date!) German replacement exists?  Just an idea.
> >From my experience that are very few non-German visitors, but quite a
> lot German newbies who'd like to try Debian. Thus the German docs should
> stay IMO.
Exactly.  People hwo travel from abroad are expected to be this interested
that I guess 99% of them will be able to find the relevant information in
English in a view seconds.  Completely other situation for random German
visitor from nearby who would just notice:  This damn Debian GNU/Linux
is only documented in English and I can't understand any word.  Just get
rid of this wast ...

> > > Add de Documentation.
> So my last statement is mood, or was this taken out of context?
No.  I wanted to say:
   High priority:      German documentation
   Even high priority: English documentation where there is no
                       (up to date) German translation
   Lower priority:     English documentation which is quite an exact
                       translation of the German text
                       (Instead include Galeon.  Or just spare this
                        space perhaps for galeon or even a funy game?
                        Did I mention Galeon?)
   Lowest priority:    Other languages.

In my opinion this would fit the needs of people randomly grabbing a
Debian CD.  More knowledgeable users will find the relevant stuff

Kind regards


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