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Re: CD-Image-Download URL

* Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> [020514 00:01]:
> Christian Weerts <cw@familie-weerts.de> writes:
> >    Starten der Installation: Sie können den PC von dieser CD
> >    booten, die Installation von DOS aus starten, indem Sie
> >    im Verzeichnis \install "boot" aufrufen, oder Disketten
> >    erzeugen und den PC damit booten.
> >    Deutschsprachige Dokumentation finden Sie im Verzeichnis
> >    \install\doc\de und Handbücher in \books.
> Only if you give me German Doc. We have en, ca, cs, da, it but no de.
> Do i miss something?
> Books is not there. Say me what i should add there.

Take a look on the CD from last year. Normally we could use
this or an upgraded Version of the DAHB.
If you don't have the CD from last year write here, and I
will sent you the content of \install\doc\de and tell you
what is in \books.

Remember, it's from the last year. Perhaps you should
upgrade it.

> > Can you verify the path in the text?
> install/boot.bat is fine.

install/boot also works under DOS

> You should add some more for the Diskimages:
> /dists/woody/main/disks-i386/current/images-1.44 erwähnen should be
> mentioned as the location of the images.

No place left for this on the CD-Label - sorry.
> > Is there an 'INSTALL'-file on the CD? Could you send it to
> > me?
> The Readme.txt includes a install part. See Private Mail.



May the Source be with you...

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