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Re: CD Image

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:

>> things, so you can use it to build the image with it. First invocation
>> is a looong run.
> So can you provide jigdo files or not? Klecker is veery slow, and UNI
> ftp is much faster.

Not yet. Its next point i look at. Yesterday it always fails with an

> Alternatively, is there a nifty way to create a such basis image using
> local FTP as source?

Not an easy one. Ill do some things manual every time.

>> Hmm, "possibly invalid template" for a just generated file is not a good
>> message. So no jigdo yet. But the ISO transfer is running. :)
>  1% [                                     ] 7,257,340      6.02K/s ETA 29:04:37
> As said before, kleckers net connection is very busy.

Gimme a faster one. :)

>> The First Setup was German (Lang-Chooser), after reboot everything in
>> English.
> Known issue, I hacked boot-floppies and base-config a while ago, but the
> results were disappointing. Many debconf templates were not translated,
> and the locale generation were a bit touchy and risked to make
> base-config completely unuseable.

Ouch. Then stay with English. :)

>> Changed the Order of the Kernel Images at boot time. Now 2.4 comes
>> first and is the default for this CD.
> Nice.

But its standard one, no XFS. :)

>> analog
> Better install webalizer.


>> aumix
> Use aumix-gtk instead. It does provide console-interface too, don't
> worry.

Noted. .)

>> cdbakeoven
>> cdda2wav
>> cdrecord
> cdrdao?

Depends. Is on the cd. Probably cdda2wav and cdrecord without mention
here too, but... :)

> I miss:
> vim-gtk
> hotplug
> rxvt
> slrn
> zapping
> eterm
> lyx
> psi (okay, gabber is useable too)
> gnomeicu
> gnomba
> parted
> gqview (there is no other useable picture viewer, AFAICS)
> xine-ui
> smpeg-xmms
> tuxracer
> jpilot
> At least one tetris clone.

Ok, everything in todo. .)

> Newer boot-floppies. Please use David's CVS build from p.d.o/~dwhedon

Ok. boot-floppies wont build here, so i used the ones from the
mirror. :)

> Who needs heimdal and kerberos (looking from newbie's point of view!)?

Looks like a depend or Recommend. I exclude it in next run and see what

> Who needs xpilot (without ROMs)?

Same as above.
None of heimdal or kerberos or xpilot is mentioned in my tasks. :)

> Why not use apache-ssl instead of apache?
> Why not drop fetchmail? We have fetchmail-ssl.


> Please kick icewm-experimental and include icewm-themes and icepref
> instead. Also drop most of -dev packages, I doubt that many end users
> would need them.

Most. Yes. Some are needed for Depends if i remember it right. Lets see.

> What about those security fix in mozilla rc2?

Does mozilla in sid depend on many things/version only in sid or is all
needed stuff in woody?

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