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Re: CD-Cover -again-

Christian Weerts wrote:
> Hi,
> I've already added a new front-cover-layout to
> http://armadillo.ffis.de/debian-cd-lt02/
> I suggest you read the Changelog.
> I hope it is the last one (for the front). :->

Looks quite good, but is quite large...

This time I only have three notes :)

The LT logo could use a black border to separate it from the artwork,
just similar to what you did with the sticker, however, it doesn't need
the same thickness, half would be sufficient, I guess.

Currently the right margin is just plain grey, right?  It may be
useful to place some text there which gets transparently passed
to the surface - needs to be negotiated with the logos, I guess.

The last CD covers contained another note "Fuer Intel-Plattform und
kompatible Systeme", it may be useful to add it again, but that can
be decided and placed at the last minute.

> By now I started the back-cover-layout. At this place I
> would use the DFSG as background and cat some Install-file
> in an x-tra Box.

Sounds good.  The colours should be similar to the ones used on the
fron page.



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