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T-Shirts @ LinuxTag


If we want to distribute special, limited edition, Woody T-Shirts
during LinuxTag, we should create a graphic *now*.  So if somebody has
some graphic and creation skills, now wood be a good idea to start
playing with gimp/xfig.


 . As little different colours as possible, only black or only blue
   would be best.

 . No grayscales, only fully filled colours

 . No little and fragile elements, but thick lines

Problem: When printed like sport tricots little things tend to break.
With other techniques little bits are also problematic.  When using
grayscales (or more colours), this technique can't be used and an
expensive means of printing needs to be used.

If not, the Lehmanns T-Shirt and the remaining shirts from grisu will
be all we can offer.



All language designers are arrogant.  Goes with the territory...
	-- Larry Wall

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