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Re: LinuxTag

I'm writing only one reply in order to make the thread easier to read.

Thimo Neubauer wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 28, 2002 at 02:06:51PM +0200, Michael Bramer wrote:
> > to Thimo Neubauer:
> >   make you a 'Debian on Laptops' talk on the debian day too?
> Yes. I haven't planned the talk yet but as Christoph Baumann offered
> to provide several demo PCMCIA-cards I think that I can expand it to
> arbitrary length :)

Hmm, ist sogar schon laengst vermerkt:
Frage war also eigentlich ueberfluessig... :)

> > to Thimo Neubauer:
> >   can we get some numbers?
> >   How much must the distance between the white wall and the beamer to
> >   get a 1.20x1.5 Screen on the wall?
> I just tried guessing. The first time I tried the beamer it was in my
> room and I'm trying to remember the length and size: I'd say 2.5 to 3
> meters.

So better expect/calculate with three meters.

> > We must put the beamer station at one site of the booth. This site must
> > have a Wall and we must seperate this whole site with something. Maybe
> > a small table, a shelf or 'Flatterband'....
> IMO something higher than a table would be more secure. And one
> question (even as a german): what is 'Flatterband'?

I guess, it's also referred to as "Absperrband", that thing you can
purchase at thinkgeek which says "Caution!  Microsoft-free zone".

Thimo wrote:
> I can offer the printing stuff. While I haven't ever used the big
> plotter of ours I guess that I'll cope with it. Just send me the files
> and I'll try to get them printed.

If it is something like HP DesignJet 650 or 750, check the papersize
settings on the console of the printer.  Before printing make sure to
set it to "the losest value" (don't ask me for the exact setting).
The reason is that (La)TeX calculates margins differently than the
printer, with the effect that you'd lose your right and lower end of
the poster if the printer would believe the setting in the .ps file.

> > I don't think we get a extra room for debian! 
> Well, I only dreamed that it could be a special room ;) Maybe just a
> place somewhere with a couple of tables (three) in a corner where
> nobody else can have a booth. Joey: do you have some unusable space in
> the hall? :)

Ask that question again no earlier than one week before the show.
Currently booth space is still sold, oh, and if you know companies who
may be interested in LinuxTag participation, dump them to me, the more
companies -> the more money -> the more money can be used for the

> >     from time to time we can use the beamer for a extra scheduled talks,
> >     a installation demo etc. (max 3 per Day ?)
> I fear that 3 a day is not enough. If I imagine a LinuxTag-visitor
> he/she doesn't want to wait two hours to get a presentation. But if we
> haven't got enough to tell every hour it's ok as well.

So make a plan when which demonstration will run, so people don't have
to wait two hours but can listen to two talks, then come back to the
demonstration they're interested in.

Knowing the times before leaving for LinuxTag would be helpful as
well, hence, make a plan no later than one week before the show, and
the earlier the better.

> > The best way to get this done, would be to check what kind of a booth
> > you'll need and which size it needs to have and just go ahead and plan
> > the booth.
> Ok. Does anyone have old plans together with the stuff we put there?
> I've found the size-only-plans on Joeys page but they are not
> enough. More special: I wasn't at last years LinuxTag; does anyone
> remember the booth-layout? And the problems with it? Other wise I'd
> base it on grisus ascii-art version :)

Anything wrong with this graphic?




Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

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