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Re: LinuxTag

On Sun, Apr 28, 2002 at 12:15:49PM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Since I don't have a plan, I can't provide one.  If you force me to
> get one, it'll be a 3x3 qm booth, with one open side (because that's
> the only thing I can guarantee at the moment).
> It's working the other way around to get the most use of space for all
> projects.  People are exchanging ideas and tell me what they plan to
> demonstrate, how they plan to use the booth etc.  They normally have
> an idea of how much space they need, because that's implied by the
> ideas anyway.  At a late stage (1-2 weeks before the exhibition
> starts), I'm assigning booth space and coordinates.
> If I should make booth reservations earlier, I could only give out
> small booths for not being unfair against other projects who may need
> the space more desperatly than the project in question.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up. We don't want to get a 3x3m booth :)

> >   I think that the booth is mainly for those who don't know Debian yet
> >   and/or aren't experienced enough to cope with simple problems. Of
> >   course, we've got a whole lot of fans who just want to talk some
> >   tech on LinuxTag. IMO it would be perfect if we got some place
> >   (maybe a small room somewhere?) where could set up a coffee machine
> >   and keep the professional discussions there. Some place where all
> >   DDs can hang around if there are enough persons in the booth and
> >   naturally this would be the place for the techie-visitor to ask
> >   freaky questions. Opinions?
> Currently this will have to be moved to a foyer or something, since I
> don't believe that we can get another spare room.  Also, there's a
> ~80m distance between the exhibition and rooms for talks and workshops.

Foyer would be perfect. We could place some kind of hand written
banner "Debian Zone" (anyone who has got some old linnen?), three
tables and a couple of chairs there. Add a coffee machine and the
tech-talk space is ready to go :)
> > > If people don't step forward and work on certain issues on their own,
> > > in a way that will fit well together with the work of others, there
> > > will be only a crowd of Debian people somewhere but nothing
> > > interesting for people, except a crowd of hackers.
> > 
> > If I get a booth-plan I'd like to plan the layout; I could also
> > collect ideas for a daily booth-schedule if you like the idea. 
> The best way to get this done, would be to check what kind of a booth
> you'll need and which size it needs to have and just go ahead and plan
> the booth.

Ok. Does anyone have old plans together with the stuff we put there?
I've found the size-only-plans on Joeys page but they are not
enough. More special: I wasn't at last years LinuxTag; does anyone
remember the booth-layout? And the problems with it? Other wise I'd
base it on grisus ascii-art version :)

> > 1.) you talk:
> >     can't you make a 'real talk' for the debian day? 
> You'll have to distinguish between a different audience.  Attendees at
> the Debian Day will most probably be Debian Developers or experienced
> Debian users, while visitors at the booth will most probably be
> newbies and Debian fans (well, and lots of Debiand developers...)

Yes, I can, of course, also talk at a "Debian Day" but we should first
focus on the unexperienced audience. The professional visitors are
easy to handle, they understand confusing tech-talk, they already know
why they chose Debian ;)
> Sounds good.  However you'll have to ensure three additional things:
>  a) The distance between the white wall and the beamer needs to be
>     large enough.  I have to admit that I don't have enough experience
>     with different beamers to tell you how much space is required in
>     between.

Ok, first of all: it's a bit unclear if I can get the beamer I thought
of, the secretary is still investigating this. Of course, any
scientific stuff has a higher priority than me... But if I really get
it, the distance beamer <-> wall should better be > 3m. Less is
possible but then it'd be no better than a CRT :)
>  b) The space between the beamer and the white wall needs to be free.
>     There must be no people between them.  Well, even while this
>     sounds logical, former Debian booths at LinuxTag have proven that
>     there are a lot of people around.  Please check some pictures[1]
>     from last years.
>  c) Make sure nobody is able to crash the beamer.

Those are the bigger problems :( The usual way to cope with this is to
put the beamer on the ceiling but this is a no-go on LinuxTag, I
guess. A hack would be to put it on top of a shelf, projecting
diegonally downwards. The picture would be quite distorted but it
could be safe... Better ideas? (there can only be better ideas ;)


Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org>
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