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Re: LT 2002 ...


Again, I'm summarising a couple of mails into one to improve

Michael Bramer wrote:
> > >> How many CDs should we have? 1000? 10000?
> > >> What does it cost?
> > > _IMHO_ last year we make 2000 CDs (one CD <0.50 Euro)
> Joey: have you the number from last year?

Sure.  Just check the archive:

Some 7.000 CD's we ordered.

Michael Bramer wrote:
> joey: is there a forum? Can open projects use this forum?

Yes/maybe.  No.

If there will be a forum[1] the slots are most probably already filled
by talks and presentations.



[1] If you don't know what a forum refers to, it's a fixed area within
    the exhibition reserved for giving talks.  There'll be a beamer, a
    stage, a microphone and 10-100 chairs for visitors.

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

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