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LT 2002 ...


I collect some points from the list. 

If I miss something, mail... thanks 
(please cc: grisu@debian.org)

 3. Who will be responsible for the Debian presence?

    That's usually my part, but since I'm organizing LinuxTag already,
    I will probably not have enough time to organize the Debian
    presence entirely as well.  Hence, there is need for at least one
    assistant, or one person who maintains it on his own entirely.
    Anyway, this person needs to communicate with me closely.

+     I talk with joey and maybe I can help with this...

 1. Do we want to have a booth?

    1.1 What do we want to demonstrate?

+        maybe SE Debian (Russell Coker)
+        the install of debian    -> Joerg Jaspert

    1.2 How are we going to solve the staff-visitor ratio (so it's
        less than 10 Debian people for one visitor).

    1.3 Who will be around?

+        Roland Rosenfel We-Su
+        Michael Bramer  We-Su
+        (Jan-Hendrik Pal on the Linux-Porting-Booth)
+        Eduard Bloch    Sa(afternoon)-Su
+        Joerg Jaspert (days?)

    1.4 What kind of hardware will be required?

+         need:
+           Russell Coker: any sort of x86 box, 16M, 4G hd
+           beamer (white wall + space)

        1.4.1 What about hardware that we don't own?

        1.4.2 Shall we create large signs (posters) to explain that it
              is not a conventional PC which is running the OS in
              front of the visitor?

+               time table about the debian day
+               time table about shows (a big clock?)

    1.5 Who is going to provide which hardware?

+         Roland Rosenfel (AlphaStation 200 4/166) _without_ Monitor
+         Joerg Jaspert (2 i386 Systems) _without_ Monitor
+         Thimo Neubauer (portable beamer)
+         maybe: Jens Schmalzing (Power Macintosh 7200/90 from Munich)

    1.6 What about CD's?

        1.6.1 What ought to be on the CD?

              Remember, there's Knoppix <http://www.knoppix.de/> as well.

        1.6.2 Who is going to master the CD?

+               Stefan Gybas can master a debian-knoppix
+               Joerg Jaspert start mastering a woody cd

        1.6.3 Who is going to help with mastering?

        1.6.4 Who is going to make test installations etc?

        1.6.5 Who will negotiate with a press company etc.?

        1.6.6 Who will acquire donations and negotiate with sponsors?

+               someone should ask the sponsors from the last year
+               (some are on this list... )

    1.7 Who is going to plan the booth, including size requirements,
        furniture, computers etc.

    1.8 Anything else?[1]

 2. Do we want to have a conference of our own?

    2.1 Who will give a talk about what topic?

+         maybe Martin Michlmay (NewMaintainer)       1   h
+         Russell Coker (SE Debian)                   1-2 h
+         Michael Bramer (translated Descriptions)    1   h
+         Thimo Neubauer (Debian on Laptops)          1   h

    2.2 How and where should it be promoted?

+         dwn
+         debian-user-german

+   2.3 Which day make we the DebianDay ? 

+   4.0 Transport trouble:
+         Joerg Jaspert from Fulda/Hessen/Germany

+   5.0 jfyi:
+        gym hall for sleep

[1] I'll take flyers and mugs with me.  We're going to have some 50
    general Debian-oriented t-shirts and I'd like to have special
    Debian/Woody t-shirts, so creative people should give a helping

+    some old t-shirts (Michael Bramer)
+    need: some artwork! (for new t-shirts)

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