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Re: Linuxtag

On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 11:48:18PM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org> writes:
> >> Yes, but then there is no room for the SE-System. And the other PC
> >> should be the "Install" PC (either for "Let the User install it and
> >> just answer questions" or for a Install-Show).
> > I don't think a normal *-User can install Debian ...
> Not without some questions, yes. But it works. I had it a few weeks ago
> with two friends. One who is "Windows-Only" and one "SuXE". Both got
> their System installed but they had questions. It was enough to be
> there and answer that questions to get them to a running System. (Ok,
> on one of the Systems i made a few things after the first reboot. But
> that was only because he had some shit hardware).

Ok, I know this. I make this myself, if somebody ask ... 

Maybe this is not interesting for the other visitors. Maybe the other
visitors thing: bah, this is text, this is the most complicated
installation, ... 

If you make the whole installation yourself, you can explain (and must
not help the install men, IMHO you can't make both the same time) it.
You can show this nice debian installation etc. 

If you use a visitor for the install, this visitor will learn this
trade. But the other visitors?

But we can tray it...
> dsl. Hmm, i must look at pppoeconf, never used that. But thats
> theoritcal, i dont think we have DSL there. :)
> I dont install ISDN in that show, i never used ISDN for Internet (ok,
> long ago but it was really hard and i used X75).
> GPM: No, thanks.
> Sound: Not with this Hardware. It has no sound.

Ok, without gpm, sound etc. (and if you have a nice g-card) the
installation is nice and simpler. 

But maybe we should show things like 
 - pppoeconf
 - pppconf
 - isdnconfig
 - adduser
 - addgroup
and other tasks...

> Yes, only 8 CDs or the hope that enough space on the SE Box is left. :)
> (Ok, not 8CDs, only the CDs needed for the things i want to install).

$ dpkg -l| grep "^ii"|wc
   1003    8569   71003

And I have a lot of trash on my system. Normal you get a normal system
on a mirror with 1-2 GB...

Maybe you boot a knoppix and make a dpkg -l ?

> If there is another DD in Karlsruhe at 5.Juni with a little time i would
> prefer to show him the Install so he can "fix" some errors in the last
> minute. :)

good question... 

Have we some dd in Karlsruhe? Maybe some of this DDs are not on this

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