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Re: Linuxtag

Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org> writes:

>> Yes, but then there is no room for the SE-System. And the other PC
>> should be the "Install" PC (either for "Let the User install it and
>> just answer questions" or for a Install-Show).
> I don't think a normal *-User can install Debian ...

Not without some questions, yes. But it works. I had it a few weeks ago
with two friends. One who is "Windows-Only" and one "SuXE". Both got
their System installed but they had questions. It was enough to be
there and answer that questions to get them to a running System. (Ok,
on one of the Systems i made a few things after the first reboot. But
that was only because he had some shit hardware).

> If a *-User install debian in the Install-Show, this will not a good
> debian promotion. 

No, not in the Show.

> Please make it yourself and explain all steps and make a real
> installation (base, X11, Sound, Mouse (maybe with gpm), dsl and/or ppp,
> net, ...)

dsl. Hmm, i must look at pppoeconf, never used that. But thats
theoritcal, i dont think we have DSL there. :)
I dont install ISDN in that show, i never used ISDN for Internet (ok,
long ago but it was really hard and i used X75).
GPM: No, thanks.
Sound: Not with this Hardware. It has no sound.

> And test this all befor the the Linuxtag. You don't need a script.

Yes, only 8 CDs or the hope that enough space on the SE Box is left. :)
(Ok, not 8CDs, only the CDs needed for the things i want to install).

If there is another DD in Karlsruhe at 5.Juni with a little time i would
prefer to show him the Install so he can "fix" some errors in the last
minute. :)

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg
Registered Linux User #97793 @ http://counter.li.org

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