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Re: Debian CDs

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:

> Stop it. Stop it now. We need major decissions to start working on the
> CD (whatever it would be, Woody-based or Knoppix-based). (*)

Missing footnote for (*)

>> > creating an ISO image) and expect others to do the more "boring" work
>> > like testing, 
>> I can test it only with one PC. So there must be another one who test
>> it.
> Look like it worked before please.

Of course. But thats not enough for such a CD.

> Someone masters, discuss the package lists on IRC or here, and people can
> download (via rsync) the generated image.

And i only offered to make the Image so people have something to

>> > copying the CDs and getting in touch with the sponsors.
>> I dont have a copy machine. I dont know any sponsor. Im not good in
>> getting sponsors/interacting with them. I dont do that.
>> I cant make any artwork too.
> Well, we need some guarantees before starting with CD creation.

Starting with CD Creation can be parallel with Sponsorsearch. Thats the
funpart. That costs only time. Too bad, i have enough for it. Someone
must search for a sponsor, but that can run in parallel. We dont have
much time to LT, only one month. If we dont find a sponsor then we just
drop the ISO.

> Who is finding sponsors? Nobody said anything so far.
> Who is making the artwork? Jens made a good job last year, has anyone
> better ideas for this time?

Both are things i cant do.

>> I still offer to create the isos. Nothing more. If you dont like it: Go
>> and die.
> Joerg, there was NO GOOD reason for becoming rude!

Could be, but that was one thought i had reading that mail, so i wrote

>> I dont know what the people from the Linuxtag does. The only thing i
>> found in the Mailinglist Archives for this list was "They sell it, so we
>> should not give it out for free".
> That is the normal conclusion. We should not compete with LinuxTag
> people.

And i think that we should offer CDs with an installable Debian
System. Knoppix is a very nice system. But we should offer Woody. :)

>> Wenns dir nicht passt dass ich mich für die ISOs angeboten hab dann iss
>> dass dein Pech. Es ist das was ich denke ordentlich hinzukriegen, also
>> sag ich dass ich das übernehmen kann. Punkt. Ich kanns genausogut ganz
>> lassen und meine Zeit für irgendwas anderes investieren wo ich nicht so
>> angemacht werde nur weil ich anbot was zu tun.
> Mein Gott, schlecht geschlaffen oder was?

Nö. Nur meine Meinung zu der Email gesschrieben.

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg
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