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Re: Debian CDs

Stefan Gybas <gybas@trustsec.de> writes:

>> I dont know. I dont copy them, i just create the iso.
>> [...]
>> - Who will test them (i put them on people.d.o).
> Sorry, it's not going to work this way.

It works exactly this way.

> You can't pick the interesting tasks (deciding about the contents of the CD,

LOL. Do i say "Shut up, i say whats the contents are" ?

> creating an ISO image) and expect others to do the more "boring" work
> like testing, 

I can test it only with one PC. So there must be another one who test

> copying the CDs and getting in touch with the sponsors.

I dont have a copy machine. I dont know any sponsor. Im not good in
getting sponsors/interacting with them. I dont do that.
I cant make any artwork too.

> Please see Joey's mail for a list of all tasks that need to be done
> for the CD.

I still offer to create the isos. Nothing more. If you dont like it: Go
and die.

> BTW, it has not yet been decided if we want to use Knoppix or woody.
> I've been in touch with Klaus Knopper and the other people resonsible
> the the LinuxTag-CD. They have nothing against us distributing Knoppix
> for free, even if they sell Knoppix on their CDs. However, there
> probably will also be a free Knoppix-based CD from the German
> Bundesverwaltung.

I dont know what the people from the Linuxtag does. The only thing i
found in the Mailinglist Archives for this list was "They sell it, so we
should not give it out for free".

> So we first need to decide what to put on the CD, then we need to get
> enough sponsors, then we need someone to design the covers, then we can
> start making ISO images (we might not even need to do this when we
> distribute woody, we could take one of the unofficial ISO images).

We first need one who will create the Iso. Then we need the rest. I
still offer to create the Iso. 
In my starting Mail for this thread there is:
 - Anything else i forgot.

So say what i was missing. The answer from Eduard was a better one, not
such a #*censored*#, he just said what he thinks should go in the Image.

Wenns dir nicht passt dass ich mich für die ISOs angeboten hab dann iss
dass dein Pech. Es ist das was ich denke ordentlich hinzukriegen, also
sag ich dass ich das übernehmen kann. Punkt. Ich kanns genausogut ganz
lassen und meine Zeit für irgendwas anderes investieren wo ich nicht so
angemacht werde nur weil ich anbot was zu tun.

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg
Registered Linux User #97793 @ http://counter.li.org

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