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Re: Linuxtag

Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org> writes:

> 1. show how easy a regular update with apt is (we just have to create
>    a slightly old harddisk image so we can show it again). We could
>    also show the power of apt-cache search and aptitude

I have a pbuilder .gz from 14 April. Thats old enough :)
I also have a System which is untouched for 2 or 3 Month, at least. I
dont know if it runs potato or woody (its not on). And it is one of the
Systems i want to take to the LT :)

> 3. DSL is of course a hot topic, unfortunately a demonstration of
>    pppoeconf has to remain theoretical...

Hmm, never used that. Its easy enough to change the 2 Files for dsl
without a tool :)

> 4. Of course installation. Letting a user do it is a nice idea but we
>    have to try this first. If there are too much problems/questions
>    it'll be quite boring for the visitors.

There are some questions. But not critical ones. I had a "Installparty"
two weeks ago with to friends. One who is "Only Windows is good. GPL is
bullshit, Software must cost, you should not know the Source" and one
SuXe Freak. There were a small problem with usb but that was all. Ok,
they asked about the Text-Setup, but they could use it (with a little
brain. That was new for the Windowsguy :) ).

> I could also offer to talk about Debian on Laptops (set it up so that
> variable net location may be used), either as a special demo or by
> wearing a button "Ask me about laptops" in the booth :)

Cool. So i dont have to try to get the Laptop :)

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg
Registered Linux User #97793 @ http://counter.li.org

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