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Re: Linuxtag

Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org> writes:

>> One Idea: Have one (or more) Systems their and show the Install of
>> Debian. Let the User install Debian and give help, so they can walk
>> through a complete Setup of Debian and if they have Problems they can
>> ask for help. So they can go home with a little knowledge about the
>> Installer.
> We can show a debian installation if we get a forum or beamer at the
> booth. Maybe we can show something at the debianday, but imho a show at
> the booth is better. 

Hmm, thats a thing i can do. A Standard Installation (with tasksel and
dselect) until i boot KDE or Gnome or some other WM. Together with
Postfix, an small Apache / MySQL Setup (with php4). So they see its
really easy to setup a LAMP System.
For this we need either a (fast, flat-rate) Internetconnection on the booth, the
woody CD-Set or a local Server.
If Russel does the SE Setup on my System before the LT i install an
ftpmirror on this machine. So we can use the "Crack this machine" i368
for the local ftp-mirror too. Thats better than the 8 CDs of Woody. :)

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg
Registered Linux User #97793 @ http://counter.li.org

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