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Re: Planungen LinuxTag

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002 13:04, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Michael Bramer wrote:
> > >     1.2 How are we going to solve the staff-visitor ratio (so it's
> > >         less than 10 Debian people for one visitor).
> >
> > Sorry, I don't see a real Problem with this.
> Well, if only 20 people fit on the booth, machines and monitors are on
> the back end, and 18 people of 20 already are Debian people, something
> is going severely wrong...

I suggest that the solution to this is to have a "Debian zone" somewhere 

For example in last year's Kongress we could have had a table above the 
Debian booth (near enough that someone could call out and be heard) with a 
Debian sign.  Then if anyone wants more information or to hang out with 
Debian people then they could go upstairs.  If they want to watch a demo then 
they stay at the booth.  If they ask detailed questions about one of the 
demos that the booth bofh's can't answer then they just call out for the 
relevant person to come down.

What do you think?

Also any news on whether I'll have an x86 box for running SE Linux?  I want 
to issue a "here's the root password now try and do some damage" challenge to 
all comers...

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